Video Conference in Tamatave

JADE Madagascar and FOKO Madagascar are going to organized a VIDEO Conference about what happen in Copenhague-Danemark. The conference is already opened today but as you know to organize  such event need a very huge amount of money, so we chose only one day to talk directly to them from Denmark. We will deal with it this coming  Saturday, December, 12th. This is the invitation for those who are interested on this event. I won’t change anything on the invitation/ as well. Please feel free to come.

Now I would like to know if you guys have some question to ask to the participants about the Climate change: Send it to me then I will read myself the question from you to the conference directly.



  1. Great job guys!
    I’ll send my questions later on for now I’m a bit busy 🙂

  2. question for the video conference:
    1) What can the international community do to help #madagascar w/ cyclone prevention?
    2) how is climate change directly related to the food crisis in the South of Madagascar ?

    Good job guys !


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