Mrs. Penny said: “Thank you”

I think I could manage to take part of speech during the Symposium Panel. Here is Mrs. Penny impression after the discussion:

“It was great to hear you sending us a message from Madagascar! Thank you so
much for getting up early and being so generous with your message to our
symposium. I don’t know if you heard the clapping but people were impressed
by your enthusiasm for talking with strangers!

As you would have gathered by my determination to bring a group of acadmeics
on an excursion to Madagascar, I like the challenges inherent in bringing
strangers together to share ideas/interests — sometimes the experience is
interesting in itself, sometimes it is generative of new collaborations. In
all cases, it is a great good fortune to connect with people who are willing
to share their work with generosity and open-ness. So, thank you again,
Patrick, and thank you to Joan and David for helping to make the connection.

Will you blog about this experience? These are some photos in the roomlistening.”

The answer is YES, why not?


1 Comment

  1. congrats ! you are one of the BOMS!
    Félicitations vous êtes parmi les BOMBS!
    Aharabaina fa anisan’ny BOMBS ianao!

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