FOKO Blog Club Tamatave and JADE Madagascar triumph.

This last Saturday was an exceptional day in the capital of Betsimisaraka. It was not like the day before and surely won’t like tomorrow. Tamatave was in direct touch to Copenhagen Denmark by a videoconference. Technology! Amazing! Don’t you see? And that’s because of FOKO Blog Club Tamatave and JADE Madagascar activists who are always struggling and find the right way to save this planet in the middle of the Climate Change threat. Much thanks to those who helped us with their all strength such as: Alliance Française Tamatave, IEGAP, Ambatovy project, and indeed Orange Madagascar. I think without your help, we couldn’t realize our aim. Now I want to take advantage to tell you that, “With Orange Madagascar, you will feel quite alright.” But also we won’t surely forget “L’organisation International de la Francophonie (OIF)” who gave us a chance to follow what happened in Copenhagen Denmark, to ask questions, to give our opinions, and even to give our own solution about this climate change in real time. In term of video conference, it was the first time that Tamatave’s people saw from their own eyes how it works out.


Now I know that meeting JADE Madagascar N.G.O was not happened by accident. But I think it’s already our destiny. The thing impressed me much is the way how we work, it looks like we’re already get used to work together. As a young, we have the same wants, likes and dislikes, attempts, …, I think those are main the reason why to bring us into the world of success. Personally I was very happy for that. It was my first time to see whole FBC Tamatave worked together for one goal: “How should the young behaved to fight against the Climate Change?”. Thanks for being as a young of the responsibility. Because your hands are made to save our wonderful planet. It’s true that we’re like a family in FOKO. I do hope that this initiative will change something on the right way.

Patrick explaining how FOKO works out to one Journalist

Three days before the greatest day, I was caught by a very serious flu. Then the day after one of my colleague caught by also. I was starting to lose my trust because there were still too many things to do but I couldn’t even move from my bed. Then I called all my team to help JADE for the preparation. Thanks guy, you’re more than a simple activists let’s say you’re the best. God answered my prayer, because I could manage to lead my team during the video conference. I was amazing to see the people who were really interested on “What JADE and FOKO are?” because according to what they say that they never even heard about those two names before. But I do hope that from now on they will interest on what we are doing because they already know about us. In the beginning of the conference everything looked like alright. We could watch and listen very clear the Cop15 discussion. Suddenly we were very sad because only five (5) minutes before our direct participation onto the discussion, there was a power cut which blocked all and that’s the reason why there was a moment when I was offline. Fortunately we were well prepared for that, and also Cop15 participants understood very well our situation. But anyway that wasn’t too long. Few minutes later everything worked very well as before. It was successfully because we could participate on the conference in real time. We finished our mission with a full joy.

At the end of the journey, we had a time to have a small cocktail together with all the participants who were always assisting until the end of the event. We could read on their faces that they were satisfied of what we offered them during the event. We didn’t forget also to take some pictures for memorializing each one of us and to mark the event as well. Effort deserves success. So thanks for all those who helped us to fulfill this project.



  1. Great job guys!!!

    I’m so happy you guys could make it inspite of all you’d been through and I do apologize for not having sending you questions. I hope you’re doing well now Patrick.

    BUEC, FOKO and JADE rock!!!

    BTW, nice tees 🙂

  2. The rest of the world should learn more from you guyz tell Lynda and the JADE that all the Foko are cheering and supporting them in their efforts to raise awareness. It is great to read from you Patrick and to know that Cunie and Theo and all the BUEC also took part in this amazing event !! YOU RULE!

  3. wow, hat’s off! U’ve done great job guys 🙂

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