Madagascar in 50 years after

A short interview of two Raiamandreny about Madagascar in 50 years after the independence. Enjoy their opinions.

First of all, I don’t want to be pictured. Myname is Paul, and I was 13 Y.O when we got our independence in 1960. It was the happiest time for whole Malagasy; we danced a happy dance in that time. Personally, I was also very happy to hear that we got our own freedom after being under pressure by French people, because assuredly I say, it was really hard to be colonized by another country. We may lose all of what we have as a wealth even our own unique culture which is found nowhere else in this planet.

Yeah, I’m agreed, that it’s nice to be free but it isn’t easy also to be an independent country. Right? But even so, I truly didn’t expect what will happen in Madagascar after this great victory. If we turn back into our history since for we got our independence, according to me, the first republic was the most bearable period for us. Just have a look into the actual the money value, and compare it when we got our first own money. It was still quite alright. See? But that not means that we’re satisfied of what happen. And that is the reason why we fight again for a new change in 1972 but alas it was not the case. The situation is getting worse because we start to import rice which is our basic food; life is getting tougher and, indeed, let’s says that it was a corruption revolution. That’s ashamedness.

Nowadays Madagascar is almost 50 years of independence. It is embarrassing to say that during this very long period, we’re wasting onto something which surely won’t bring anything in our country. Just imagine what happen in Tananarivo now, they are always striking almost every day at MAGRO. What I mean is Madagascar is always running into the bad way of development, you see “the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer”. In my opinion, that’s what happens here in Madagascar in 50 years of the independence. Very sad story and that may be because of the policy unstable.

The only one way to get out from this problem is the education and the employment creation. But how? I don’t know, I really don’t know but I think as I said lately, we should give a good education for our children and also to give job to those who has already finished their studies: “Right man in the right place” but how? I don’t know. Shall this country overcome some day??????

My name is Ranalina or you can simply call me Maman’i Claudette which is known by my neighborhoods. Sorry, I don’t remember how old was I when we celebrated our independence for the first time. The only one thing that I still remember is, I was learning to make a “sipasipa”. In term of the independence, the “Vahoaka” were very happy because we can finally get out from the yoke of the French. Imagine I’m from Vatomandry, we came here for the first time to escape the hard task that the “Vazaha” imposed to us. I couldn’t no more live with so why not looking for more comfortable place to get a better life.

When we got our freedom from French in 1960, we had our first republic which is headed by Tsiranana. But I think many of you are wondering to know why the Malagasy struck again in 1972? Just because we didn’t got what we were waiting for. We still depended too much to the colonizer. According to what I saw, we were feeling much comfortable in the second republic but there was too much corruption and that is the main reason why our country running nonstop into the hell of the poverty. I think, was when we started our strange politics. Then that always repeated every few years. I think our politicians are the main cause of our poverty. They play Madagascar and the poor citizens like me are the first victim of their act. They are always looking for the better place where they can get much more money for themselves but not for Madagascar. In my memory, in the first and the second republic, we still lived in normal life, like for example the peace was still ok and we still had the same right. I mean we are always in trouble in the third republic and that because of the us. To sum it up, the development in Madagascar is on the way back in 50 years of independence. Why Madagascar? We are told that this country is rich but why the people who live in are poor? That’s for sure because of us. In my opinion, the only one key to get this country in a good health is the education. That’s all. Because it seems that jangle life still exists in this country. Also we should forgive, respect and tolerate to one another for the best future of our beautiful country. I think when our country is going to practice a good way of education, I’m sure that it won’t be problem to get a better personal life or in other words to attempt or aim. Please forgive me if I’m wrong but that what I think of what happen in this country in 50 years of the independence



  1. i am so prooooooooooud!!!!!! thank you a thousand times pat you are the BESST!!!

  2. I don’t think that I’m the best, but it is the only one thing that can do for our team.

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