After a very hard works realized by the English Club of the University of Tamatave for our wonderful campus, an exciting reaction was completed by Vintsy Fandrana Club of the University. This club also is aiming to teach about the environment by letting people especially the University of Tamatave’s students to be aware of the impacts of the massive deforestation on the East coast of Madagascar. Don’t forget also that this Club takes a part on taking care of the invalid persons and helping/supporting the orphans’ children in Tamatave. That’s very good news because from now on, BUEC won’t be any more alone to make our University’s campus greener. They have also completed a wonderful job for our lovely campus recently. More than 150 seedlings were again replanted by them inside of the campus. I do hope that there will be more N.G.Os and/or associations will do the same thing for our University. Now, I’m starting to be proud of my University. This place is really cojy because of its greenness and I guess it will be greener again later, and of course it must be. You know that the green color stands for hopes? Yes it is, and that brings the University of Tamatave a great hopes and successful. That is because of the VINTSY FANDRANA and also BUEC’’s dynamism as Clubs.

It’s true that the Campus is already green but it still needs a lot of works. When I met Antonyo who is the one of those very active members in Club Vintsy, then he explained me all of what they did and they will do for this coming University’s school year. I was really interested of their project. I think that they also deserve to be heard because they have great things to do this year for the University students. They are going to help a student to fight against the nuisances animals in the campus mainly a mice/rats which are bothering students at night and even can get students into different problems. That reminds me when I was still lodged in the campus. It was an examination period, and I had just received some money from my parents and my grant at the same time, then the day after, all the money were tore up by the mice during the night. Imagine what I felt in that time, I passed my exam with a very deep sadness; I had almost even nothing to eat in few days. What I mean is: this Club Vintsy should be supported, encouraged, and even helped to fulfill their great project. Because personally, I never had seen such size of mice which are living inside of the campus of the University of Tamatave before I came there. Get much more idea on how big they are on these pictures. Amazing, don’t you see?

I guess that many of you are really interested on what Club Vintsy of the University of Tamatave doing and planning to do. May be some of you have already heard about Club Vintsy since they are already spread across Madagascar but I’m telling you that the Vintsy Fandrana Club of the University of Tamatave is always trying to make different. This club has been in existence only for 3 years now, and they are always assisted by our University’s President HORACE Gatien who is a permanent member of WWF in Tamatave. They have a great want to do something and as Antonyo said: “We have to go farther because this planet needs help. But the problem is we have only a want to change, but we don’t have enough access to complete what we want. So we still need your hands.” To know more about them and get in direct touch to them, or maybe you want to help them, please text them on this e-mail:

To end this I will let you enjoy these pictures of our lovely campus bellow.




Guided tour by Pat

I think I have already had a chance to guide more than 30 tourists in this year, but I never felt as happy and satisfy as with my 8 latest clients. We’re rocking and rolling easy peasy lemon squeezy because: “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” was our expression of the day. Do you know where they are from? They are my first English clients of the year. There is six of them are from England and two others are from Poland. Joy, happiness and smiles as you could easily read from our faces are the way how we spent our very short time together because Le vacanze are truly non durano tutta la vita as my slogan says. So we had to take an advantage of the occasion because personally, I don’t know when we will meet again. I remember the way how we sang [“Oh happy day” by Sister Act] song and our different kinds chameleons. And please don’t forget the 3 Malagasy words that I taught you: “Mbôlatsara is for Greetings then Misaotra is the way how to Thanks and Veloma is for saing Goodbye.” It was really cool. I wrote this for memorializing of my 8 first English clients of the year. But also I don’t forget you Rebecca. Thanks for being very kind for me. You helped me in everything. You’re a very good staff. Enjoy our family picture.

My first English clients of thr year


Boratsa is a Betsimisaraka food prepared for eating and based on maize seeds, coconut flesh juice and sugar. It is typically a tropical dish. It takes much time of preparation, labor intensive and energy as well.

Imagine these steps:

  • First of all, we have to separate the corns from its cobs, and then cook the corns.
  • Then, grate the coconuts flesh with coconut grater, then extract the fatty liquid from the grated coconut flesh. Then mix the corns already cooked with coconut juice well filtered and sugar. That’s Boratsa. Ohm, what a strong pleasant taste. Do you want too? JUST Come and taste!!!

Despite these very hard and long steps of this dish preparation, a too young girl is preparing corns for their lunch. I was quite surprised to see her. It’s little bit embarrassed story but she was enjoying doing it with her youngest brother because as she said if she won’t do it, they will have nothing for lunch:

“Our father went to our rice field, and our mother is going to sell some handcrafts items made by her own hands in town and I’m looking after of my youngest brother and why not to prepare our lunch.” Normally, Malagasy people eat rice three times a day: morning, noon and evening. On the East coast of Madagascar, we eat often Boratsa in the morning and/or at night only for saving rice. It’s true that we couldn’t be at ease without little bit rice especially before sleeping but that serves us to reduce the common quantity of consummated rice per day. And this case is little bit different because as this girl said that they will eat this corn with coconut juice for lunch and probably for the dinner without anything else more and that still depends on our mother’s takings from town. I guess many of you are now wondering to ask me: “does she go to school?” the answer is NO. But I was really impressed to hear that she has the same likes and dislikes to the other children and she has also a very strong desire to go to school but as she said that they have not enough money for that and the school is very far away from where they live. So how could she achieve her aim? That’s very sad, don’t you see?

I’m agreed of that it’s very sad because she couldn’t go to school. She has right for that but unfortunately….

I’m here to give my opinions but not against our habits and cultures. I’m agreed that it might be very hard to have not rice in a day but nowadays, life is getting tougher, isn’t it? I think it’s much better to have another thing instead of rice than nothing such as: Boratsa, cassava, banana, sweet potato and so on. They could be healthy foods also, right? But why only rice?