Boratsa is a Betsimisaraka food prepared for eating and based on maize seeds, coconut flesh juice and sugar. It is typically a tropical dish. It takes much time of preparation, labor intensive and energy as well.

Imagine these steps:

  • First of all, we have to separate the corns from its cobs, and then cook the corns.
  • Then, grate the coconuts flesh with coconut grater, then extract the fatty liquid from the grated coconut flesh. Then mix the corns already cooked with coconut juice well filtered and sugar. That’s Boratsa. Ohm, what a strong pleasant taste. Do you want too? JUST Come and taste!!!

Despite these very hard and long steps of this dish preparation, a too young girl is preparing corns for their lunch. I was quite surprised to see her. It’s little bit embarrassed story but she was enjoying doing it with her youngest brother because as she said if she won’t do it, they will have nothing for lunch:

“Our father went to our rice field, and our mother is going to sell some handcrafts items made by her own hands in town and I’m looking after of my youngest brother and why not to prepare our lunch.” Normally, Malagasy people eat rice three times a day: morning, noon and evening. On the East coast of Madagascar, we eat often Boratsa in the morning and/or at night only for saving rice. It’s true that we couldn’t be at ease without little bit rice especially before sleeping but that serves us to reduce the common quantity of consummated rice per day. And this case is little bit different because as this girl said that they will eat this corn with coconut juice for lunch and probably for the dinner without anything else more and that still depends on our mother’s takings from town. I guess many of you are now wondering to ask me: “does she go to school?” the answer is NO. But I was really impressed to hear that she has the same likes and dislikes to the other children and she has also a very strong desire to go to school but as she said that they have not enough money for that and the school is very far away from where they live. So how could she achieve her aim? That’s very sad, don’t you see?

I’m agreed of that it’s very sad because she couldn’t go to school. She has right for that but unfortunately….

I’m here to give my opinions but not against our habits and cultures. I’m agreed that it might be very hard to have not rice in a day but nowadays, life is getting tougher, isn’t it? I think it’s much better to have another thing instead of rice than nothing such as: Boratsa, cassava, banana, sweet potato and so on. They could be healthy foods also, right? But why only rice?



  1. Hey Patrick, dont miss the Midi Madagasikara newspaper of Thursday 4th, this post is published on English Coner. Thanks!

  2. Wow, I will never miss that. Thanks Lalah

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