Guided tour by Pat

I think I have already had a chance to guide more than 30 tourists in this year, but I never felt as happy and satisfy as with my 8 latest clients. We’re rocking and rolling easy peasy lemon squeezy because: “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” was our expression of the day. Do you know where they are from? They are my first English clients of the year. There is six of them are from England and two others are from Poland. Joy, happiness and smiles as you could easily read from our faces are the way how we spent our very short time together because Le vacanze are truly non durano tutta la vita as my slogan says. So we had to take an advantage of the occasion because personally, I don’t know when we will meet again. I remember the way how we sang [“Oh happy day” by Sister Act] song and our different kinds chameleons. And please don’t forget the 3 Malagasy words that I taught you: “Mbôlatsara is for Greetings then Misaotra is the way how to Thanks and Veloma is for saing Goodbye.” It was really cool. I wrote this for memorializing of my 8 first English clients of the year. But also I don’t forget you Rebecca. Thanks for being very kind for me. You helped me in everything. You’re a very good staff. Enjoy our family picture.

My first English clients of thr year


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