We’re now exactly 183Km in the South-East of Betsimisaraka’s capital. Formally, it was named “Analambay”. Here is the place where the fishers used as their refuges after a very long ways on the sea. This town was started on the North of the main actual town which is becoming a paradisiacal island at this time. That serves this town to receive too many different kinds of National and International tourists to visit this marvelous resort. Now, I would suggest you to come around too because I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy this place and like in all around corners of Madagascar, people in here are also even more than welcoming. Just come and you will see in your own eyes the two amazing coconut trees growing on a stone in the middle of the sea. Personally, I’m amazed. One of them was planted by Mr. Letsara in 1930 and the second one was in 1992 by Mr. Sampy Réné Fabien. The common activities of the villagers are the fishing, plantations and commerce as usual. It is also among of those areas which where the most victim of the cyclone attacks on the East Coast of Madagascar because most of the people here are still sheltering under a very “gasigasy” houses. It’s easy to have but it’s even easer also to lose. To give you more precise clue where are we now; there was a queen called “i Mandry” who reigned there and in addition, just in front of her kingdom, there is a very small island in where there is one sleeping stone which she used as a resting place. When the queen had nothing to do she spent all of her time to cross the ocean until the sleeping stone where she took rest and admired the waves, landscapes, and her villages just in front. Then when she is died, the villagers said that the stone is still belonging to i Mandry which is literally translated “Vaton’i Mandy” or simply Vatomandry is the place where we are now. Come when you get ready, because I guarantee you that you will be more satisfied than you expected. Restaurants, hotels, landscapes, beaches, and indeed a knowledgeable guide are available for you. Enjoy the picture.


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  1. I really know hollidays 😀

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