It has been already two years now, when You and Georgia were visiting us, it was unforgettable moment for me. Both of you took advantage of our very short time together to teach us how to upload an audio and/or a video file into our blog. I still remember when Georgia explained the processes of the upload and David took our pictures and filmed us at the same time, I really appreciated it. It helped us very much because you gave us a courage and strength to go further on blogging. So, David: “You did a wonderful job for all of us, and I wish you a very GOOD LUCK for your new job, may God bless you”. Please have a second of your precious time to admire our family pictures archive and this video. And to end this, let me please to welcome dear Eduardo Ávila who is going to fullfil temporarily his very heavy tasks as director of Rising Voices along the month of June. Congratulations!