New updates of BUEC website

From now on you can learn more about what is Barikadimy’s English Club (BUEC) and what we are doing and that’s because of the hard work of Herinivohary who is our webmaster actually to update our website:

In the website, you can find too many options to learn about our lovely English Club such as: our latest activities and video and even you can contact us directly from our web. Thanks guy!!!

WHY ENGLISH? The creators created this English Club because there are a lot of students after they got their BACC degree and they have to go at University, there they don’t have any occasion to increase their English knowledge. And as we know that there is no way to follow English subject here at the University of Tamatave because it’s doesn’t exist yet. Nowadays, English takes great place in the World Communications .Therefore, we decided to create one club, is the place where the students can talk and exchange everything in English.

So welcome to the BUEC’s Web Site in which every options will get you happy. We are very happy to share with you our schedules. The BUEC is a place where everyone can exchange experience in English. Please join us at the University of Toamasina.


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  1. Hey Patrick, I did not read you for a while. You don’t write anymore though?

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