Feeding street children

Love-N-Care Ministries is a Christian organization based mainly in Toamasina Madagascar, which is dedicated to reaching the unreached with the good news of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and extending care to the needy. This unique organization was born in Toamasina, June 2011, and nowadays more than 500 street children, disabled young and adults get profits from this project everyday.

I’m little bit surprised and very happy to the discover that some BUEC members have a wonderful attempt to give those vulnerable and unwanted children hopes by using their own means and strength to break the cycle of illiteracy, poverty, and child labor, which are existing in big city children of the migrant workers who make their way to Toamasina for job, money and a better life reasons. As well as education, the organization also provides healthy nutrition and trying to build a child’s confidence by allowing their natural character to develop, giving them the opportunity of living and working as part of a civilized society.
Little request to end this article, Help to Feed Our Starving Street Children


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  1. it’s always nice to see it are people generous enough to take care of the most vulnerable, anyway I’m glad to know you’re finally back in the blogosphere alors on se dit à plus

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