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With this wonderful video archive you will understand more about what Barikadimy’s United English Club of the University of Tamatave is doing. BUEC is not only the place for English practice but also the place where you can have fun as you see in the video. So please enjoy this very nice Easter gift from BUEC.



This article will serve you to learn about how do the three most active tourists guide associations (Taratra, A.G.T.T and Ravinala) of Tamatave to become a knowledgeable, competitive and to ameliorate their know-how and their good manners in front of the tourists who are going to pay the Eastern of Madagascar visit. I won’t never get bored to encourage you to come around here, because assuredly I say you will feel more satisfied than you expected. After having given you a chance to enjoy a few wonderful places which are all very rich in stories, many endemics species of plants and animals each, such as Foulpointe, Ivoloina Zoo and Vatomandry, I would like to invite you to learn more of the most recent activities of Ravinala tourists guide association along the Pangalane’s Channel. Do you think that is there any place in this world deserve to be named as an earth paradise? The answer is YES, here where it is, on the Pangalane Channel, the world of dream. And there we went, not only for admiring gasigasy sceneries but also in term of tourists guiding services; it converted us into a total perfection.Before starting, here is very neat important information about this splendid resort. It is a man-made channel which forms a very wonderful inland waterway on the East Coast of Madagascar. The Pangalane channel is 600 Kilometer long lagoon which is formed naturally by the washing of sand up on the island by the Indian Ocean currents and by silting of rivers, has been used both as a means of transportation come and back on the coast and indeed as a fishing area.

 As the one of those three tourists guide associations of Tamatave, we, the Ravinalas Tour guides members had a chance to update our knowledge on the Pangalane Channel resort until the famous Palmarium Park this last weekend. This channel was designed to facilitate the transportation of goods to the main trading port of Tamatave because shipping on the Indian Ocean was too dangerous. Until this time the channel still keeps a very high place in this region’s daily life because it provides the main source of trade, transport and travel as well. I would like to say that cruising by boat on the calm water of Pangalane is really fascinating journey. Many traditional Betsimisaraka villages, traditional dugout canoes, local fishermen, over-crowded ferries, and rafts with straw huts carrying timbers and/or other Tamatave’s needs can be seen on the way and surely gave us a new point of view of a real gasigasy life. As we are in a big group of tourists guides, we had to rent one bush boat called “Tongasoa Cruseur” which is certainly the much less expensive than the others. It’s true that it was very expensive for us but it is like a must as tourists guides. By the way we really enjoyed it with Maxim who is our boat driver. The Boats are generally safe, but very much overloaded. Just look at the picture bellow. We left fluvial port of Tamatave this last Saturday morning around 8:00 a.m and we already started our visit in Andranonkoditra, it is located only 5 minutes boat drive from Ankany Nofy, literally means dream’s nest (64 Km from Tamatave) where our final destination took place. In there, I mean Andranonkodotra; we already had a chance to visit the only one organic essential oils site and “La boutique de l’association Vonona Vohibola” where is the human and environment base site. It was amazing to see such this traditional village because it reminds me very much the village where I grew up. It’s called Antanambaobe just 20 Km from the city of Mananara-Nord.  There where is my root, and I will come there one day for you my hometown. I love you!!!

Then we arrived into our end around 4:00 P.m in the same day. This last is the one of the best which kept secrets of Madagascar. On the shores of Ampitabe Lake, the palmarium is an incredible well run bungalow hotel. Each bungalow has a veranda and hammocks and Lake View as well. Only accessible by boat from either Manambato or Tamatave, the peace and tranquility are hard to find elsewhere. Am I right? I think so. Everybody is very welcoming to make our visit pleasant and note that two nights in here are surely not enough.

There are free and domesticated lemurs are playing around the bungalows courtyards. Imagine, there are sharing rooms with you. Don’t you feel in a full contact to the natures? A walk in the national park rewarded us to see ant touch with our own hands not less than 8 lemur species in two nights of camping such as: “Sifaka, Brown, Black, red, Sleeping, Bamboo, Crowned and black and white ruffed”, Leguane, and large variety of plants and trees. We didn’t success to see the Indri Indri but I can tell you that we really enjoyed our unique chance to discover what are in this channel.

Also what impressed me much is to see in my own eyes one of those two very famous species of Nepenthes which is only known in the name of Madagascar (Carnivore Plants). In Madagascar we have Nepenthes Madagascariensis, and Nepenthes Masoaliensis. We could find them nowhere else around the world except in my wonderful country Madagascar. I’m pretty proud to be Malagasy. We didn’t find the Masoaliensis one but we really enjoyed to see and touch at the same time the Nepenthes Madagascariensis. I was amazed to see it and I even brought its seedlings and planted in our courtyard. As you probably know also that Madagascar is the richest and has the most exciting orchid flora in the world. So we didn’t miss our chance to admire them too. Despite this latest cyclone on the East Coast of Madagascar, we rocked our outing. We had also a chance to meet  one of the President Filbert Tsiranana’s bodyguard who is now 86 Years Old and his wife is 91 Years Old because we camped just in front of the Filbert Tsiranana camping’s houses during his period. Will you discover a real wild life?, Betsimisaraka traditional villages and cultures? Just an advice: “Come over here please”.To end this article, I will let you enjoy these two funny pictures of 4 of us. We were crossing this small stream on the way to discover the Nepenthes Madagascariensis because it is an aquatic plant. Life is even more beautiful if we enjoy it as it is. Don’t you see? Just look at us, personally I don’t have even one Ariary (Malagasy money) now in my pocket but I’m happy, we were happy. I was on Estelle’s back and she said that I’m too light for her and she could bring even two of me in a one day without having any rest. Lol. But Angenickel said the opposite to Ludger because Ludger weights around one hundred kilograms. Then he said: “this is my first time and it’s going to be the last.”


We’re now exactly 183Km in the South-East of Betsimisaraka’s capital. Formally, it was named “Analambay”. Here is the place where the fishers used as their refuges after a very long ways on the sea. This town was started on the North of the main actual town which is becoming a paradisiacal island at this time. That serves this town to receive too many different kinds of National and International tourists to visit this marvelous resort. Now, I would suggest you to come around too because I’m pretty sure that you will enjoy this place and like in all around corners of Madagascar, people in here are also even more than welcoming. Just come and you will see in your own eyes the two amazing coconut trees growing on a stone in the middle of the sea. Personally, I’m amazed. One of them was planted by Mr. Letsara in 1930 and the second one was in 1992 by Mr. Sampy Réné Fabien. The common activities of the villagers are the fishing, plantations and commerce as usual. It is also among of those areas which where the most victim of the cyclone attacks on the East Coast of Madagascar because most of the people here are still sheltering under a very “gasigasy” houses. It’s easy to have but it’s even easer also to lose. To give you more precise clue where are we now; there was a queen called “i Mandry” who reigned there and in addition, just in front of her kingdom, there is a very small island in where there is one sleeping stone which she used as a resting place. When the queen had nothing to do she spent all of her time to cross the ocean until the sleeping stone where she took rest and admired the waves, landscapes, and her villages just in front. Then when she is died, the villagers said that the stone is still belonging to i Mandry which is literally translated “Vaton’i Mandy” or simply Vatomandry is the place where we are now. Come when you get ready, because I guarantee you that you will be more satisfied than you expected. Restaurants, hotels, landscapes, beaches, and indeed a knowledgeable guide are available for you. Enjoy the picture.


After a very hard works realized by the English Club of the University of Tamatave for our wonderful campus, an exciting reaction was completed by Vintsy Fandrana Club of the University. This club also is aiming to teach about the environment by letting people especially the University of Tamatave’s students to be aware of the impacts of the massive deforestation on the East coast of Madagascar. Don’t forget also that this Club takes a part on taking care of the invalid persons and helping/supporting the orphans’ children in Tamatave. That’s very good news because from now on, BUEC won’t be any more alone to make our University’s campus greener. They have also completed a wonderful job for our lovely campus recently. More than 150 seedlings were again replanted by them inside of the campus. I do hope that there will be more N.G.Os and/or associations will do the same thing for our University. Now, I’m starting to be proud of my University. This place is really cojy because of its greenness and I guess it will be greener again later, and of course it must be. You know that the green color stands for hopes? Yes it is, and that brings the University of Tamatave a great hopes and successful. That is because of the VINTSY FANDRANA and also BUEC’’s dynamism as Clubs.

It’s true that the Campus is already green but it still needs a lot of works. When I met Antonyo who is the one of those very active members in Club Vintsy, then he explained me all of what they did and they will do for this coming University’s school year. I was really interested of their project. I think that they also deserve to be heard because they have great things to do this year for the University students. They are going to help a student to fight against the nuisances animals in the campus mainly a mice/rats which are bothering students at night and even can get students into different problems. That reminds me when I was still lodged in the campus. It was an examination period, and I had just received some money from my parents and my grant at the same time, then the day after, all the money were tore up by the mice during the night. Imagine what I felt in that time, I passed my exam with a very deep sadness; I had almost even nothing to eat in few days. What I mean is: this Club Vintsy should be supported, encouraged, and even helped to fulfill their great project. Because personally, I never had seen such size of mice which are living inside of the campus of the University of Tamatave before I came there. Get much more idea on how big they are on these pictures. Amazing, don’t you see?

I guess that many of you are really interested on what Club Vintsy of the University of Tamatave doing and planning to do. May be some of you have already heard about Club Vintsy since they are already spread across Madagascar but I’m telling you that the Vintsy Fandrana Club of the University of Tamatave is always trying to make different. This club has been in existence only for 3 years now, and they are always assisted by our University’s President HORACE Gatien who is a permanent member of WWF in Tamatave. They have a great want to do something and as Antonyo said: “We have to go farther because this planet needs help. But the problem is we have only a want to change, but we don’t have enough access to complete what we want. So we still need your hands.” To know more about them and get in direct touch to them, or maybe you want to help them, please text them on this e-mail: randrianarison_antonyo@yahoo.fr

To end this I will let you enjoy these pictures of our lovely campus bellow.



Guided tour by Pat

I think I have already had a chance to guide more than 30 tourists in this year, but I never felt as happy and satisfy as with my 8 latest clients. We’re rocking and rolling easy peasy lemon squeezy because: “Easy peasy lemon squeezy” was our expression of the day. Do you know where they are from? They are my first English clients of the year. There is six of them are from England and two others are from Poland. Joy, happiness and smiles as you could easily read from our faces are the way how we spent our very short time together because Le vacanze are truly non durano tutta la vita as my slogan says. So we had to take an advantage of the occasion because personally, I don’t know when we will meet again. I remember the way how we sang [“Oh happy day” by Sister Act] song and our different kinds chameleons. And please don’t forget the 3 Malagasy words that I taught you: “Mbôlatsara is for Greetings then Misaotra is the way how to Thanks and Veloma is for saing Goodbye.” It was really cool. I wrote this for memorializing of my 8 first English clients of the year. But also I don’t forget you Rebecca. Thanks for being very kind for me. You helped me in everything. You’re a very good staff. Enjoy our family picture.

My first English clients of thr year


Boratsa is a Betsimisaraka food prepared for eating and based on maize seeds, coconut flesh juice and sugar. It is typically a tropical dish. It takes much time of preparation, labor intensive and energy as well.

Imagine these steps:

  • First of all, we have to separate the corns from its cobs, and then cook the corns.
  • Then, grate the coconuts flesh with coconut grater, then extract the fatty liquid from the grated coconut flesh. Then mix the corns already cooked with coconut juice well filtered and sugar. That’s Boratsa. Ohm, what a strong pleasant taste. Do you want too? JUST Come and taste!!!

Despite these very hard and long steps of this dish preparation, a too young girl is preparing corns for their lunch. I was quite surprised to see her. It’s little bit embarrassed story but she was enjoying doing it with her youngest brother because as she said if she won’t do it, they will have nothing for lunch:

“Our father went to our rice field, and our mother is going to sell some handcrafts items made by her own hands in town and I’m looking after of my youngest brother and why not to prepare our lunch.” Normally, Malagasy people eat rice three times a day: morning, noon and evening. On the East coast of Madagascar, we eat often Boratsa in the morning and/or at night only for saving rice. It’s true that we couldn’t be at ease without little bit rice especially before sleeping but that serves us to reduce the common quantity of consummated rice per day. And this case is little bit different because as this girl said that they will eat this corn with coconut juice for lunch and probably for the dinner without anything else more and that still depends on our mother’s takings from town. I guess many of you are now wondering to ask me: “does she go to school?” the answer is NO. But I was really impressed to hear that she has the same likes and dislikes to the other children and she has also a very strong desire to go to school but as she said that they have not enough money for that and the school is very far away from where they live. So how could she achieve her aim? That’s very sad, don’t you see?

I’m agreed of that it’s very sad because she couldn’t go to school. She has right for that but unfortunately….

I’m here to give my opinions but not against our habits and cultures. I’m agreed that it might be very hard to have not rice in a day but nowadays, life is getting tougher, isn’t it? I think it’s much better to have another thing instead of rice than nothing such as: Boratsa, cassava, banana, sweet potato and so on. They could be healthy foods also, right? But why only rice?

Madagascar in 50 years after

A short interview of two Raiamandreny about Madagascar in 50 years after the independence. Enjoy their opinions.

First of all, I don’t want to be pictured. Myname is Paul, and I was 13 Y.O when we got our independence in 1960. It was the happiest time for whole Malagasy; we danced a happy dance in that time. Personally, I was also very happy to hear that we got our own freedom after being under pressure by French people, because assuredly I say, it was really hard to be colonized by another country. We may lose all of what we have as a wealth even our own unique culture which is found nowhere else in this planet.

Yeah, I’m agreed, that it’s nice to be free but it isn’t easy also to be an independent country. Right? But even so, I truly didn’t expect what will happen in Madagascar after this great victory. If we turn back into our history since for we got our independence, according to me, the first republic was the most bearable period for us. Just have a look into the actual the money value, and compare it when we got our first own money. It was still quite alright. See? But that not means that we’re satisfied of what happen. And that is the reason why we fight again for a new change in 1972 but alas it was not the case. The situation is getting worse because we start to import rice which is our basic food; life is getting tougher and, indeed, let’s says that it was a corruption revolution. That’s ashamedness.

Nowadays Madagascar is almost 50 years of independence. It is embarrassing to say that during this very long period, we’re wasting onto something which surely won’t bring anything in our country. Just imagine what happen in Tananarivo now, they are always striking almost every day at MAGRO. What I mean is Madagascar is always running into the bad way of development, you see “the poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer”. In my opinion, that’s what happens here in Madagascar in 50 years of the independence. Very sad story and that may be because of the policy unstable.

The only one way to get out from this problem is the education and the employment creation. But how? I don’t know, I really don’t know but I think as I said lately, we should give a good education for our children and also to give job to those who has already finished their studies: “Right man in the right place” but how? I don’t know. Shall this country overcome some day??????

My name is Ranalina or you can simply call me Maman’i Claudette which is known by my neighborhoods. Sorry, I don’t remember how old was I when we celebrated our independence for the first time. The only one thing that I still remember is, I was learning to make a “sipasipa”. In term of the independence, the “Vahoaka” were very happy because we can finally get out from the yoke of the French. Imagine I’m from Vatomandry, we came here for the first time to escape the hard task that the “Vazaha” imposed to us. I couldn’t no more live with so why not looking for more comfortable place to get a better life.

When we got our freedom from French in 1960, we had our first republic which is headed by Tsiranana. But I think many of you are wondering to know why the Malagasy struck again in 1972? Just because we didn’t got what we were waiting for. We still depended too much to the colonizer. According to what I saw, we were feeling much comfortable in the second republic but there was too much corruption and that is the main reason why our country running nonstop into the hell of the poverty. I think, was when we started our strange politics. Then that always repeated every few years. I think our politicians are the main cause of our poverty. They play Madagascar and the poor citizens like me are the first victim of their act. They are always looking for the better place where they can get much more money for themselves but not for Madagascar. In my memory, in the first and the second republic, we still lived in normal life, like for example the peace was still ok and we still had the same right. I mean we are always in trouble in the third republic and that because of the us. To sum it up, the development in Madagascar is on the way back in 50 years of independence. Why Madagascar? We are told that this country is rich but why the people who live in are poor? That’s for sure because of us. In my opinion, the only one key to get this country in a good health is the education. That’s all. Because it seems that jangle life still exists in this country. Also we should forgive, respect and tolerate to one another for the best future of our beautiful country. I think when our country is going to practice a good way of education, I’m sure that it won’t be problem to get a better personal life or in other words to attempt or aim. Please forgive me if I’m wrong but that what I think of what happen in this country in 50 years of the independence